If you are in the Portland, Oregon area, you have an opportunity to get  guitar lessons from James; who has over thirty years of playing experience. He is a very in demand teacher with his wide range of styles he has studied through the years.

James performed at the Waterfront Blues Festival in 2015 and many other roots music events and has a vest knowledge of vintage styles. Learn the authentic Delta blues styles of Robert JohnsonBukka WhiteMuddy Waters and others. He has a wide knowledge of ragtime blues and vintage country from the Carter Family to Johnny Cash. Let's not forget 1950's and 1960's Rock N Roll.

James is also teaching Ukulele: He is a worldwide renown uke player and has played many festivals such as the Seattle Ukulele Festival, Portland Uke Fest and the London Ukulele Cabaret in London, England.

Learn hot 1920's Jazz and Blues tunes all the way to 1960's Rock-N-Roll.
Join the uke craze and as T-Bone Walker says, 
"Let your hair down baby and have a ball!"

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