Two new CD's recorded.

My new CD Sugar Moon was released a few weeks ago and we just got our first review. The Northwest magazine Blues Notes in their May, 2015 issue raved about it saying "the musicians are all sensational" and that the recording is "fun, fun, fun. Sugar Moon is a welcome refreshing breath of air."  That review is coming from a hard core Blues magazine that has probably never reviewed a ukulele CD so that is very gratifying. The feedback I am getting from buyers has been very nice as many people say they listen to it over and over again and love it. Thank you!

We just finished my new blues guitar oriented CD to be titled Road's Gettin' Muddy last week and it was mastered by Kevin Nettleingham at his studio in Vancouver, WA.  Kevin is the man for mastering in my opinion. This is an all analog recording. The CD came out really well and has a very tight ensemble sound to it. Many of the same great musicians as Sugar Moon. A few surprises such as an original electric slide surf instrumental. We are finishing up the art work for the CD so look for a late June release date.