Summer 2016

Looking forward to playing the Oakridge Ukulele Festival in Oakridge, Oregon and Ireland's National Ukulele Festival in Dublin, Ireland in August. Should be fun. 

I have been updating my equipment for my live gigs. Just installed Highlander Pickups in my National Tricone and National Reso-Phonic ukulele. They sound really great and I can eliminate using a microphone for these. (It was always hit or miss using a mic as it often picks up crowd in a noisy environment). Another item I like is my new Red Eye Twin pre amp. This has two inputs and an excellent tone. Looks like it is built like a tank. Really a great item!

We had a little gathering recently at Mary Flower's home as local player Stacey Heiser got a new small bodied Fraulini guitar. Mary's main guitar is a Fraulini and I love my Fraulini Angelina 12 string. The Builder Todd Cambio visited Portland last year and we had a Fraulini party at Mary Flower's with luthier Kerry Char, Tom Schwenzer and more. It was nice meeting Todd for the first time. His instruments are excellent!